Tile Grout Miracle

Tile Grout Miracle has no equal in the world of tile grout sealers. We have watched them come and go for years – the contenders, the pretenders and everything in between.

We began in the late 90's in Central Florida. Being in the tile business – we tried every grout sealer out there to see what really worked. That was the catalyst that led us to research and formulate Tile Grout Miracle with our proprietary cutting edge chemicals and Dupont Teflon to create the gold standard among all past and present grout sealers. . We researched and tested and documented endless tile grout sealer applications until we knew we had a special, unique product – and a winner!

We tirelessly researched all aspects of the grout sealing problem. We were focused and scientific and we went to extremes – even microscopically studying the physical properties of actual grout in tile installations.

We tested a multitude of chemical components and then we applied our formulation to the grout in hundreds of homes and businesses in Central Florida.We knew what we were looking for and we knew what the industry needed and we refused to stop until we knew we had created something special: the Tile Grout Miracle!